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Choose your preferred bodywork modality or select a treatment tailored to address your specific concerns and individual needs.

Don't worry if you're not sure which massage to choose. Pick the one that resonates with you, and we'll have a brief chat when you arrive to ensure you get precisely what you need from the session! I work with you as an individual, not just massage labels. Thank you for your trust!

Deep tissue / athletic recovery massage

Relieve muscle soreness with "full body ironing" - best massage for serious tension relief!

Relaxing Zen massage

Relaxing massage with long and flowy strokes - a journey towards inner harmony

Massage for shoulder tightness and neck pain

Targeted neck, back and shoulders massage: our go-to massage for computer warriors!

Massage for lower back pain

Therapeutic massage for lower back, sacrum, sciatica, and hip pain relief.

Massage for anxiety & stress

Helping you to get out of mental overwhelm into body awareness. Be Here Now.

Couples massage

Massage for two people at the same time. Separate rooms.

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