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Massage Barcelona

Precision and depth in every touch, guided by a solid understanding of anatomy
and a mindful recognition of the mind-body connection


Welcome to NALA Massage Barcelona!

At NALA Massage, we firmly believe that our physical and mental well-being are closely connected. When we feel great in our bodies and our minds are at ease, we naturally become the best versions of ourselves in all aspects of life.

Oksana, the founder and therapist at NALA Massage, brings over 9 years of experience in bodywork and yoga, complemented by ongoing training in osteopathy along with a background as a competitive swimmer.

Her deep understanding of anatomy and the mind-body connection defines her practice and sets it apart.

Massage menu

Choose your preferred bodywork modality or select a treatment tailored to address your specific concerns and individual needs.

Don't worry if you're not sure which massage to choose. Pick the one that resonates with you, and we'll have a brief chat when you arrive to ensure you get precisely what you need from the session! I work with you as an individual, not just massage labels.


Deep tissue / athletic recovery massage

Relieve muscle soreness with "full body ironing" - best massage for serious tension relief!


Relaxing Zen massage

Relaxing massage with long and flowy strokes - a journey towards inner harmony


Massage for shoulder tightness and neck pain

Targeted neck, back and shoulders massage: our go-to massage for computer warriors!


Massage for lower back pain

Therapeutic massage for lower back, sacrum, sciatica, and hip pain relief.


Massage for anxiety & stress

Helping you to get out of mental overwhelm into body awareness. Be Here Now.


Couples massage

Massage for two people at the same time. Separate rooms.



60min €80

90min €110


3 x 60min | €70 p/session | €210

3 x 90min | €98 p/session | €295

8 x 60min | €65 p/session | €520

8 x 90min |  €95 p/session | €760


Massage - a gift of renewed energy, freedom of movement, and inner harmony. Isn't that what everyone needs in our fast-paced world?

You can purchase a gift card for your dear one by reaching out to me via WhatsApp or email.


3 sessions x 60min 


8 sessions x 60min 


3 sessions x 90min 


8 sessions x 90min 


So glad I found Oksana here on google! I had a neck injury that was bugging me for days so I booked a deep tissue massage with Oksana. She is a miracle worker - was able to resolve my pain in one session. I walked out feeling like a new man.The studio is very bright and clean, very good vibes all around. Have already recommended to a few friends.

JAN ROOS, business owner

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