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Massage Barcelona

Precision and depth in every touch, guided by a solid understanding of anatomy
and a mindful recognition of the mind-body connection

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Pick your ideal pack and enjoy savings of up to 25% on every massage

Hello, I'm Oksana, a multi-faceted expert dedicated to enhancing well-being.

As a massage therapist, yoga instructor, aspiring osteopath, and former competitive swimmer, I bring a diverse skill set to the table.

My treatments are known for their excellence, and I take pride in delivering exceptional bodywork experiences. My massages combine precision and depth, guided by a solid understanding of anatomy and a trauma-informed somatic approach.

For any inquiries or booking assistance, feel free to contact me, I'm here to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience!

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Choose your preferred bodywork modality or select a treatment tailored to address your specific concerns and individual needs


Committing to regular massages is a smart investment in your success and fulfillment in life. By nurturing a sense of well-being in your body, you actively create a positive impact on your mental state. It's self-care that fuels your ambitions, giving you the energy and clarity to chase your dreams and create the life you envision!


60min €80

90min €110


5 sessions x 60min | €375

10 sessions x 60min | €695

5 sessions x 90min | €500

10 sessions x 90min | €950

*Prices are including VAT (21%)

**All packs are valid 12 months

***Applies to all treatments, except hot stone massage

Deep tissue massage

Experience the rejuvenating power of deep tissue massage. Using therapeutic techniques and slow, deep pressure maneuvers, I target the internal areas of muscle fibers to provide a firm massage that effectively relieves chronic tension and soothes achy muscles after intense training or outdoor activities.

Deep tissue massage goes beyond mere relaxation; it brings back a sense of freedom in movement and spaciousness within your body. Whether you've been through rigorous training, hiking adventures, or strenuous physical work, this massage will aid in your recovery, promoting overall well-being.

Before the treatment, we'll have a chat to assess your needs and preferences. Based on our discussion, we'll decide whether you require a full body recovery massage or a focused therapeutic session for a specific area of your body. So, let's tailor the perfect massage experience to meet your unique requirements and bring back your vitality!

Zen massage

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with the serene and tranquil Zen massage. Using long, gentle, and flowing strokes, this full-body experience will transport you to a realm of pure bliss. Unwind as the soothing touch melts away muscular tension, enhances blood circulation, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated from head to toe.

The Relaxing Zen massage is not just about physical well-being; it's a soul-nourishing journey that allows you to escape the stresses of daily life. Let go of worries and immerse yourself in a realm of serenity, peace, and quiet. It's an opportunity to disconnect from the chaos and reconnect with your inner calm.

Embark on this transformative experience, where time seems to stand still, and your mind finds tranquility. Treat yourself to the blissful sanctuary of Zen massage and discover a renewed sense of harmony and well-being.

Hot stone massage

The soothing hot stones massage - a luxurious indulgence that combines warm, smooth stones with expert touch. Feel tension melt away as heated stones relax your muscles and promote deep relaxation.

Hot stone massage offers a host of benefits, including improved sleep, reduced stress, relief from muscle stiffness, and increased flexibility. It's a perfect escape from the demands of everyday life, offering a moment of pure bliss and restoration for both body and mind.


Massage for tight shoulders and neck

Targeted upper body massage, designed to release tension in the neck, shoulders and chest muscles.

Your upper body deserves focused care, and that's why our intensive massage is designed to alleviate tension in your neck muscles, target the rotator cuff (muscles enveloping shoulder blade), and provide much-needed relief to your chest muscles. These areas often bear the brunt of stress and tension, leading to discomfort and various issues.
If you've been wrestling with persistent neck and shoulder tension, battling headaches, or even grappling with teeth grinding due to stress (bruxism), this specialized massage is precisely what you need.

Massage for lower back pain

Experience targeted Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, tailored specifically to alleviate lower back pain. During the treatment I use a blend of deep tissue and Shiatsu techniques to release tension, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility. This personalized approach supports your journey to recovery, providing lasting relief and improved quality of life. Take the first step towards a pain-free and revitalized you today.

Massage for stress and anxiety

The tranquil oasis of a warm, soothing massage designed for anxiety and stress relief. As you immerse yourself in a supportive ambiance, my skilled touch will guide you towards deep relaxation and inner peace.

Throughout the session, we'll seamlessly integrate calming meditation and soothing breathing exercises, allowing you to experience a holistic sense of comfort and serenity. 

Through a combination of therapeutic techniques and compassionate guidance, we'll address the roots of anxiety, empowering you to embrace a more balanced and harmonious life. As you open yourself to this process, you'll discover newfound tools to cope with stress and regain a sense of control over your emotions.

Embrace this transformative journey of healing, as we work together to alleviate anxiety and create a profound sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue massage

60min €80 | massage with oil

Zen massage

60min €80 | massage with oil

Massage for tight shoulders and neck

60min €80 | massage with oil

Massage for lower back pain

60min €80 | massage with oil

Massage for anxiety and stress

60min €80 | massage with oil



Receiving a massage goes beyond mere physical relaxation; it provides a sanctuary to quiet the mind and release emotional tensions.

In my practice, I take a unique approach by working with you rather than on you. This means customising massage techniques based on your individual needs and how your body responds to my touch. 

To elevate the relaxation experience, I incorporate sound healing and aromatherapy, creating a harmonious environment that nurtures both body and mind. I am committed to supporting your journey to inner harmony. Together, we'll create a nurturing space for a deeper connection with yourself.

You deserve this dedicated time and attention, and I'm privileged to be part of your wellness journey.

So glad I found Oksana here on google! I had a neck injury that was bugging me for days so I booked a deep tissue massage with Oksana. She is a miracle worker - was able to resolve my pain in one session. I walked out feeling like a new man.The studio is very bright and clean, very good vibes all around. Have already recommended to a few friends.

JAN ROOS, business owner

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