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NALA massage Barcelona

Helping you shift from body pain, tension and mental overdrive into feeling good and inspired to create life!

Deep tissue massage · Спортивный массаж · Anti-jetlag massage · Massage relaxant · Pain and injury rehab massage · Masaje para el estrés y la ansiedad · Массаж от боли в пояснице · Massage for tight shoulders, neck and back · Массаж для напряжения в плечах, шее и спине · Massage pour le stress · Stretching · Couples massage

Hi there! I'm Oksana, an expert in massage therapy and bodywork with over 9 years of experience, an osteopath in training, a yoga teacher, and a former competitive swimmer.

In my sessions, I bring precision and depth to every touch, guided by a solid understanding of anatomy and body mechanics. My expertise in various movement modalities and mindful recognition of the mind-body connection ensure a holistic and effective approach to your well-being.

How massage can help you feel better?

In our fast-paced, notification-filled world, we all crave a moment of peace and undivided attention. During a massage session, you receive a luxury of 1:1 presence from the therapist, offering a much-needed escape from daily distractions.

As a future osteopath and a mentor, I delve deeper than just addressing muscular tension, working with you on a more subtle level. This approach doesn't sacrifice the firmness of the massage you love; instead, it helps you transition from your overthinking mind to your feeling body and ride more relaxed brainwaves.

Benefits of massage:

Better sleep and inner calm:

Massage therapy helps lower cortisol levels and promotes relaxation - leading to better sleep and inner harmony.

Pain and tension free life:

It alleviates tightness and improves muscle flexibility, joint mobility and a posture.

Clarity of mind and better focus:

Massage enhances blood circulation, delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to your organs and systems, which improves mental clarity and focus.

No more sick days:

Massage stimulates the lymphatic system to improve immune function.

Joyous quality time with your loved ones:

During a massage, endorphins are released, enhancing mood, mental well-being, creativity, and productivity!

Excel at sports and hobbies:

Rest and recovery is as important as a training itself! Recover well, so you can have more fun later!

Client feedback. What do people say:

120+ five stars reviews on Google

Steve Smith, USA

"Oksana has a unique touch, gentle and knows her way around human anatomy. I was a chiropractor for 42 years and I know when a massage therapist knows the anatomy. She knows what she is doing! I had a conversation about her work after the massage and we reviewed anatomy on a specialized app on my phone. She had a similar app! And she knows how to use it. I get massages regularly so I am familiar with the different styles and skill levels. Oksana gave me the best massage you can receive! Period!

She was absolutely delightful to talk with but sensed when I wanted some quiet time and went about her work, relaxing me and diffing in to my sore muscles. I left there feeling like I had just won the lottery. All the stiffness gone, which is no small thing for a 70 year old man."

Sonia, Barcelona

"Oksana recently did a new refurbishment of her massage place. I loved the minimalistic and clean room, and having a glass of water upon arrival to cool down:) Oksana asks you what you would like to focus on and she listens to you. She is very respectful, with high knowledge and a beautiful energy to guide through the experience. After the session she also cares about you and asks you for feedback and how you you are feeling."

Jan Roos, USA

"So glad I found Oksana here on google! I had a neck injury that was bugging me for days so I booked a deep tissue massage with Oksana. She is a miracle worker - was able to resolve my pain in one session. I walked out feeling like a new man.The studio is very bright and clean, very good vibes all around. Have already recommended to a few friends."

Alicia, Barcelona

"I'm very demanding when it comes to my well-being. And I've tried dozens of massages in Barcelona. Since I've met Oksana, I don't want to go anywhere else. She's the best masseuse I know. She knows the body and its needs like no one else. I’m amazed by the power of her hands and it’s an understatement.
Thanks Oksana for helping me!"

Sydney, Switzerland

"Absolute bliss. I have never had someone take the care and application of technique in muscle and tension relief.
Oksana catered to my level of deep, working methodically from head to toe.
If I could spend my week there I would."

Frode, Norway

"Used NALA massage to try out deep tissue / sports massage to loosen thight muscles from cycling. Very satisfied. Oksana really knows what she is doing. She uses good techniques to get into the right spots in combination with traditional massage. The result is an overall effective, but also relaxing massage."

Irene, Barcelona

"No doubt: Oksana is one of the best massage therapists in Barcelona. I have been lucky to have had several sessions with Oksana now and each of them has been incredible for by body and my mind. Oksana masters her massage skills and has a lot of knowledge about the body. In addition, she somehow has this understanding of what my body needs in the present moment. Oksana makes me feel safe and her treatments are an absolute gift. Treat yourself and go book a session with her."

Manjot, Canada

"This was one of the best massages of my life. I had booked a 90min session and next time I intend to book a 120min one. Oksana is truly a miracle worker. She has such beautiful and kind energy about her. I felt calmed and energised after the massage. And how gorgeous is the space! It's unlike any other massage therapy place I've been to - it's white and minimalist and beautiful."

Alexandra, Barcelona

"I have experienced an epic array of massage therapists internationally and tend to be very particular because I want someone who knows the body deeply and can give more than just a feel-good massage. I’m so lucky to have found Oksana in Barcelona! She always asks and listens to what is going on with my body and targets those muscles accordingly. Most importantly she gives massages with energy and intention. I always leave feeling radically relieved. Highly recommend her if you want a massage from someone who clearly knows what they are doing!"

Chris, USA

"Oksana is so gifted. I get massages often and am always a bit hesitant to book a random therapist. Oksana ranks in my top therapists. We made a custom playlist of nostalgic light rock music and went to work. She found some stuck spots and worked them elegantly. We also did a number of stretches. I left a transformed man. Can’t recommend enough, SOO good!"

Debra, USA

"I discovered I can experience a deep tissue massage without pain. She made me feel relaxed and calm. I just flew in and needed to relax my tight muscles and I’ll probably go back for another massage before I leave. Amazing!!!"

Tina, Barcelona

"Amazing massage, addressing the needs of my body every time in the perfect way. The place has a great, relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable right away.
Oksana is very present and starts each session with asking questions about how you feel not only in your body but overall to understand what you need and when she gets to it her hands are just pure magic.
She has been a big help with a long recovery I have been going through with some tough times.
Very professional, talented and present and I can highly recommend to everyone.!"

What I do:

Whether you're an athlete seeking enhanced recovery for peak performance or a busy professional experiencing shoulder, neck, and jaw tension from the demands of corporate life, I'm here to support you.

For athletes and active individuals, my focus is on optimizing rest, muscle recovery and joint mobility,  ensuring you can excel in your pursuits while enjoying the journey.

For those in the corporate world, I specialize in alleviating physical discomfort and mental fatigue, helping you find harmony within your body and tranquility within your mind. Think of it as closing unnecessary tabs in your mental browser, promoting a clearer and more peaceful state of being. This, in turn, can enhance the quality of your sleep, stimulate creativity, and boost productivity.

Moreover, for those grappling with emotional unease such as anxiety, stress, or grief, I provide a safe and nurturing space to reconnect with your body and embrace every emotion with patience and compassion. Together, we navigate the complexities of your inner world, creating a sense of wholeness and self-acceptance.

Whatever your needs may be, I'm dedicated to guiding you towards greater well-being and vitality. I am honored to be a part of your journey, one session at a time.

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