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Deep tissue / athletic recovery massage

Experience the rejuvenating power of deep tissue massage aka "full body ironing".  Using therapeutic techniques and slow, deep pressure maneuvers, I target the internal areas of muscle fibers to provide a firm massage that effectively relieves chronic tension and soothes achy muscles after intense training or outdoor activities.

Deep tissue massage goes beyond mere relaxation; it brings back a sense of freedom in movement and spaciousness within your body. Whether you've been through rigorous training, hiking adventures, or strenuous physical work, this massage will aid in your recovery, promoting overall well-being.

During the massage, I utilize my hands, forearms, and elbows. If necessary, I take you through stretches and joint mobilization techniques inspired by Thai and Shiatsu massage.

Before the treatment, we'll have a chat to assess your needs and preferences. Based on our discussion, we'll decide whether you require a full body recovery massage or a focused therapeutic session for a specific area of your body and will tailor the perfect massage experience to meet your unique requirements and bring back your vitality!

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