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"When trying to balance in a pose, think of movement. When trying to flow in a movement, think of stilness."


My approach focuses on harmonizing the body by deepening our connection with it.

As we become more embodied, we gain a heightened sense of our internal experiences.

Rather than simply teaching movement, I encourage self-discovery through movement.

The emphasis lies not in perfecting the pose, but in exploring the sensations that arise during the pose.

Embracing curiosity, we embark on a journey of self-learning, self-exploration, and expansion.

By immersing ourselves in the flow of movement, we tap into the realm of feelings and enrich our understanding of ourselves.


Private sessions serve as a valuable complement to group classes and individual self-practice, providing an opportunity to collaborate closely with a teacher in an emotionally and physically supportive environment tailored to your unique journey.


Before our private sessions, we'll have an open discussion to explore your goals and areas of focus on your journey. This way, we can tailor the classes to best suit your individual needs and ensure a more personalized and fulfilling experience for you.

I am teaching only in English.


Find me at Frizzant, Barcelona

every Saturday 9:30 and 11:00

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